Wine Cranberry Raspberry Pink Cherry Persimmon Tangerine Amber Lemon Yellow Fluorescent Yellow
Apple Green Grass Green Emerald Green Teal Aqua Turquoise Caribbean Blue Ice Blue Sapphire Blue Cobalt Blue
Light Purple Purple Light Violet Violet Brown Clear Monomer Black Monomer      
Luminary Red Luminary Pink Luminary Coral Red Luminary Orange Luminary Blaze Yellow Luminary Yellow Luminary Green Luminary Teal Luminary Blue Luminary Blueberry
Luminary Purple Chartreuse                
Royal Red Royal Pink Royal Coral Red Royal Orange Royal Blaze Yellow Royal Yellow Royal Green Royal Teal Royal Blue Royal Blueberry
Royal Purple Black Powder White Powder              
Opalescent Radiant Red Pacific Blue Starlight Silver Emerald Green Gold Multicolor      
Rainbow Strawberry Zebra Camouflage 1 Camouflage 2 Multicolor 1 Multicolor 2 Pastel 1 Pastel 2 Pastel 3
Designs are not limited to the above. Colors are available in both clearand solid styles, please specify. Designs aresub-ject to be changed or altered by technician.